Choosing the Right Pet Gate for Your German Shepherd

Choosing the Right Pet Gate for Your German Shepherd

There are many things to consider when choosing the right pet gate. At Spectacular Pet, we have a variety of different types of gates from which to choose. Our gates are handcrafted from the Amish in Wayne County, Ohio. Lets go through some of these so you can pick the best one for your needs!

Pressure Mounted Gates

 These gates are made of solid oak wood and has a non-toxic finish. The pressure mounted gate fits in the doorway or between to walls that are structured closely together such as a hallway.

The gate is held secure by the pressure mountings being applied to each wall.

Pressure mounted gates are widely used because the simplicity of installing this type of gate while also having the peace of mind that the gate is secure. The simplicity of this gate is due to the fact that there is no drilling or attaching the gate to the wall. You simply adjust the pressure mounts on both sides of the gate by hand. The pressure mounts are manufactured with a strong spring that pushes against the walls or frame of the doorway to keep the gate held tightly in place. The gates are frequently considered for placing at the top or bottom of stairways. If you are using them to protect your pet or child from falling always double-check their security and ensure that the gate’s mounts are properly in place.

The pressure mounted gates have a convenient door that opens by pulling up a gate-like door to unlatch it. This makes it easy or you to enter from one room to the next room. Due to the opening in the pressure mounted gates, a piece of the frame runs along the bottom for stability. So when you open the door on the gate you will need to step over that piece of the frame. For safety purposes always bear in mind that this could be a tripping hazard. With this gate you have the option to buy 6” or 12” extensions to allow it fit in wider areas.

Freestanding Gate

 These gates come as an all wooden gate or come as wooden frame with wire spindles.These freestanding gates stand alone and do not need any pressure mount or wall mounting.

We have two types of freestanding gates at Spectacular Pet Stuff. The first type of gate is a flat gate with feet to keep it upright. The second type of freestanding gate can fold up for easy storage and stands alone by its design.

Flat Gate (with legs)

The free standing gates are easy to move from room to room. Some of these gates have an option of sliding in or out to make the gate cover a narrow opening (area) or a wider opening.

Most of the larger gates have the option of extending in or out depending on your need. The expand-and-collapse feature make it easy to carry or store while also conveniently allowing for quick barrier protection wherever your need is.

This type of gate comes as an all wooden gate or comes as a wooden frame with wire spindles.

You can choose from different sizes and water-based finishes.

Folding Gate

The folding (accordion- like) gate can be adjusted to cover a larger area or a narrow area. You can order this type of gate with two, three, four or five panels. At any time you are able to order additional panels to be added to your already existing panels. If you order this gate as a four or five panel gate it provides many options. The gate is able to spread out to make a box shape or a hexagon shape so your baby or pet can have a playing area. This provides you with peace of mind, knowing your pet or child is safe from harm. Some of these gates come with the option of a door. Since these gates fold together they can be stored or loaded into your car for easy transporting from one place to another. This type of gate comes as an all wooden gate. You can choose from different sizes and water-based finishes.


Here are few questions you should consider in order to select a pet gate that suites your needs:

  • How wide is the opening? Measure the opening you want to prevent your pet from entering or exiting.Make sure to look at the dimensions of the gate to ensure it will be wide enough to fit the opening you are considering.
  • Do you need to get through the gate often? If you frequently use the area where the gate is needed, you should consider purchasing a gate that has a door in it or one that can swing or slide open easily.
  • Is your pet active? If your pet climbs or jumps you might want to think about getting a taller gate and be sure to ensure the gate would be secure enough in the doorway or between the walls to withstand the jumping and bumping of your pet.
  • Will you be moving the gate around? You might use the same gate in different parts of the house or perhaps want to take it with you when you are traveling. If you are an active traveller, you might want to purchase a gate that is easy to store and one that is light enough to move easily.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Gate? If you are planning to use the gate outdoor, make sure the gate is manufactured for outdoor use.

Author Bio

This post is written by Edward Troyer from Spectacular Pet Stuff!  Edward is extremely passionate in providing pet owners with the most spectacular pet products on the market today. Coming from an Amish background, the Troyer family-owned Spectacular Pet Stuff is passionate about quality craftsmanship, eco-friendly materials and a level of customer service that’s second to none. Spectacular Pet Stuff also specializes in high-quality pet printing which include wood-backed stretched canvases, vinyl prints, mounted posters, wall clings, and one-of-a-kind portable chair wraps (Victor’s Wrap), that put your pet’s unique personality on display for everyone to see.



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